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Make sure to come and discover Christmas with our festive set menu this year. From our 30-day matured British and Irish Angus beef Steak Sampler to our hand-crafted loaded festive burger, we'll have a mouth-watering menu full of signature flavours in store for you this Christmas!

Bar + Block will be open again for Christmas in 2024, check back closer to the date to see our full offering. For a flavour of what to expect please see last year’s Christmas festivities.




Tomato + Basil Soup (VE)
Drizzled with balsamic and basil oil and topped with truffle- flavoured croutons (365kcal)

Truffle-Infused Cheese Fondue (V)
A rich Cheddar, mozzarella and Emmental cheese fondue. Served with toasted ciabatta and balsamic onion confit (786kcal)

Beef Burnt Ends Stuffed Yorkie
Served with a Malbec sauce^ and horseradish (309kcal)

Smoked Scottish Salmon** (+2.00)
Served with wedges of beetroot, orange and toasted ciabatta (276kcal)

Canadian King Scallops + Garlic King Prawns** (+3.00)
Cooked over charcoal in a scallop shell with garlic butter and stone baked flatbread (424kcal)


Turkey with all the Trimmings
Turkey and slow-cooked pressed pork with apricot, apple and sage. Served with beef dripping roast potatoes, honey-glazed parsnips, carrots, seasonal greens, pig in blanket, a golden Yorkie and lashings of our red wine gravy^ (1295kcal)

Festive Loaded Burger
Our homemade 4oz* beef patty, topped with a turkey slice, a pork Cheddar and bacon sausage swirl, and cranberry BBQ sauce. Served in a brioche-style bun, with lettuce, tomato, fried red onions, light mayo, a side of beef dripping triple-cooked chunky chips and a Malbec sauce^ (1284kcal)

Festive Loaded Plant-Based Burger (VE)
GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ Chicken-Style Fillet topped with a GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ sausage, THIS™ Isn't Bacon and cranberry BBQ sauce. Served in a brioche-style bun, with lettuce, tomato, fried red onions, a side of fries and a jug of gravy^ (844kcal)

Red Wine + Mushroom Sirloin Steak (+4.00)
Chargrilled 8oz* sirloin steak served on a puff pastry base, layered with garlic spinach and a flat mushroom. Served with beef dripping triple-cooked chunky chips and a mushroom, red wine and pancetta jus^ (1133kcal)
Upgrade to an 8oz* Fillet (+5.00) (1120kcal)

Premium Steak Experience (+6.00)
Explore three steaks: 4oz* fillet, 4oz* rump and 4oz* sirloin topped with truffle infused garlic butter. Served with beer-battered onion rings^, beef dripping triple-cooked chunky chips, samphire and your choice of steak sauce (1225kcal without steak sauce)

Block steak sauce (62kcal)
Peppercorn (30kcal)
Mushroom and Red wine^ (15kcal)
Chimichurri (187kcal)

Chargrilled Seabass**
Two fillets of seabass and a king prawn drizzled with garlic butter. Served with a seafood and prosecco bisque^, coal-cooked mini garlic potatoes and Tenderstem® broccoli (865kcal)

Upgrade any dish with garlic king prawns ** (+6.00) (152kcal)
Upgrade any dish with garlic Canadian scallops ** (+6.00) (128kcal)
Upgrade any dish with both garlic king prawns + garlic Canadian scallops ** (+10.00) (280kcal)


Loaded Beef Dripping Roasties (+5.50)
With our beef burnt ends, topped with both a Malbec^ and a cranberry sauce (494kcal)

Grilled Brussels Sprouts Gratin (V) (+5.50)
In a rich and creamy Emmental sauce, finished with Cheddar (296kcal)

Pigs in Blankets (+4.50)
Served with a cranberry BBQ sauce^ (325kcal)

Truffle-Infused Cauliflower Cheese (V) (+4.50) (308kcal)

Halloumi Fries (V) (+6.00)
Served with a cranberry BBQ sauce^ (475kcal)  | *Please note this menu item is not available in NI

Garlic Spinach (VE) (+4.00) (43kcal)


Festive Chocolate Churros Sundae (V)
Baileys™ ice cream^ and vanilla ice cream with warm triple chocolate brownie and chocolate toffee sauce. Topped with cream and warm cinnamon sugar churros (866kcal)

Speculoos Spectacular
Layered coffee mascarpone cream, speculoos crumb and caramel sauce. Finished with speculoos biscuit. Served in a martini glass, simply delicious and a must try for the festive season! (792kcal)

Trio of Mini Desserts (V)

Warm triple chocolate brownie, lemon drizzle cake and warm churros coated in cinnamon sugar, served with Baileys™ ice cream^ (709kcal)

Festive Affogato (V)
Served with your choice of Baileys™ ice cream^ (135kcal) or vanilla ice cream (109kcal), served with a freshly ground shot of espresso to pour over. Vegan option available (VE) (117kcal)

Mince Pie + Hot Drink (V)
Warm mince pie with your choice of hot drink (219kcal without hot drink)

Cheeseboard (V) (+2.00) 
A selection of five delicious British cheeses Served with crackers, onion confit, crisp celary and apple (885kcal) | *Please note this menu item is not available in NI

Why not pair with our exclusive new Christmas port? Refer to our drinks menu to see our full range of festive serves!

Swap your dessert for one of our festive dessert cocktails for just (+2.00 or +3.00 in NI)

Baubletini 1.6 units (2.0 units in NI)
Star & Block 1.4 units (1.9 units in NI)
Candy Cane Martini 1.4 units (2.0 units in NI)

Festive Kids Menu 



Reindeer Food (V)
A mix of cucumber, carrots and red pepper sticks served with tzatziki (34kcal)


Festive Turkey Roast
With beef dripping roast potatoes, honey-glazed parsnips and carrots, seasonal greens, a golden yorkie and lashings of gravy (681kcal)

Grilled Chicken + Flatbread
Grilled chicken breast served with tzatziki and stone-baked flatbread (236kcal)

Steak + Fries
Mini chargrilled 4oz* rump steak, served with fries (262kcal)

Ten Veg Tomato Pasta (V)
Tri-colour pasta cooked in our ten veg tomato sauce, served with stone-baked flatbread (375kcal)

Fish + Chips**
Hand-battered fish served with fries and tartare sauce (403kcal)

Spaghetti Bolognese
Beef Bolognese sauce cooked with tomato, onions, carrots and spaghetti. Served with stone-baked flatbread (428kcal)

Beef Burger
Handmade 4oz* beef burger with lettuce and sliced tomato in our 50/50 white and wholemeal bun, served with fries (569kcal)

Chicken Breast
Grilled chicken breast served with fries (187kcal)


Fruit Salad (VE)
A mix of pineapple, oranges, red apple, green apple, strawberries and red grapes (53kcal)  | *Please note this menu item is not available in NI

Ice Cream (V)
Two scoops of vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate toffee sauce (153kcal)

Pancakes With Fruit° (V)
Pancake with sliced banana and strawberries, served with a mixed fruit compote (186kcal)

Smash The Igloo (V)
A white chocolate igloo filled with a chocolate sweet surprise! Smash it with the back of your spoon to reveal what’s inside (324kcal)

(v) = Suitable for vegetarians.
(ve) = Suitable for vegans.
(^) = May contain traces of shell.
(§) = May contain traces of alcohol.
* =  Approximate weight uncooked.
** = May contain small bones.
o = May contain fruit stones.