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Pop in and kick start your day with our tender steak + eggs for breakfast. Or sit back and enjoy one of our succulent steaks right throughout the day ‘til late. Have your steak hand cut to a size that matches your appetite or discover new favourites from our ever-changing Butchers Block.

Welcome to Bar + Block.

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Meat cuts

Sirloin Tender + Full-bodied Sirloin

The classic ‘Loin’ cut, Sirloin is taken from the upper middle of the cattle. This region isn’t naturally overworked and has a covering layer of fat, so remains beautifully tender. Sirloin is known to be an ‘all-rounder’, cooking well from rare through to well done. We do however recommend it be cooked medium so the fat melts through the meat.

Wash it down with:

A glass of The Spee’Wah Deep River Shiraz. This savoury, juicy and spicy red is the perfect accompaniment to Sirloin.

Fillet Tender + Mild Fillet

The finest cut, located alongside the Sirloin. This area is rarely used by the cattle, so the Fillet remains extremely tender and has a delicately mild flavour. To retain the cut’s natural tenderness, we’d suggest serving it medium rare and ideally not cooked past medium well.

Perfect topped with:

The delicate texture and flavour of our Garlic King Prawns.

Ribeye Rich + Succulent Ribeye

A timeless cut, Ribeye comes, as it suggests, from the cattle’s rib area. It has a wonderfully rich flavour and because it contains soft fat marbling, it is beautifully tender. We think Ribeye is best cooked medium rare or more as this allows the fat to melt into the steak, adding to the rich flavour and giving the steak a lovely succulent texture.

Wash it down with:

A glass or two of the Beefsteak Malbec. This vibrant, spicy red perfectly complements a Ribeye’s rich flavour.

Rump Firm + Flavoursome Rump

As the name suggests, Rump is found towards the rear of the cattle. As the working muscle of the cattle, it has a firmer texture and less fat compared to other steaks, but is without doubt one of the most flavoursome cuts. Due to the lack of fat we recommend it be cooked medium rare.

Perfect with

Our signature ‘B’ sauce, its spicy kick complements Rump beautifully.

Ready + Grilling

Come along and discover our ever-changing Butcher’s Block or classic hand cut steaks in a brand new + vibrant setting of Whiteley. Get ahead of the game and book your table today.

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News + Updates

Bath… we’re coming for you!

Bath… we’re coming for you!

We have some very exciting news...

A brand new, shiny Bar + Block Steakhouse will opening very soon in the heart of Bath. This will be the 4th restaurant in the Bar + Block family and we cannot wait to surprise and delight you with our fantastic steaks and our great selection of beers, wines and cocktails all wrapped up in a lively, warm atmosphere.

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